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Our world
  • for over 20 years with you
  • over 150,000 satisfied customers
  • all products are certified by the responsible Romanian authority, SNPMAPS
  • the products are made in ISO 9001, ISO 22000 / HACCP and ISO 14001 management system
  • over 1 million products sold
Our products
  • over 100 herbal extracts dosed optimally for each condition
  • guaranteed active substances
  • the right therapeutic solution for you
  • safe natural substances with no side effects
  • complex and complete formulas
Many benefits for you
  • Romanian company
  • 100% natural bio-active principles
  • innovative original formulas
  • superior results and efficiency
  • quality at the right prices
  • scientifically proven effects
  • you know what you consume: standardized natural substances


Enter our world
Romanian company dedicated to creating products that improve our lives, everyone's. With over 30 years of experience in the field, we seek to bring the balance between science and nature by making supplements that really have the power to heal us and give us the much needed balance in an increasingly lively environment. more harmful.

I learned from enterprising people that only well-done things last. That without soul and passion there is no quality. In the more than 10 years of existence we have never forgotten what we believe:
  • in quality products at fair prices
  • in great efforts with tailor-made effects
  • in customers who know why they come back
  • most importantly, in life-enhancing products

Nature and health
Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for people. This "laboratory" offers us the solution to eliminate the imbalances we face. We believe that only by using it intelligently can we all have the chance to enjoy a healthier life. That is why we do not seek the excessive use of active substances in plants, but we are guided in creating high-performance natural supplements according to the principle of balance. The formulas designed are effective because they provide the optimal dose of active ingredients that the body needs to be in the best shape.

How we help you
Using plant extracts that contain an increased concentration of bio-compounds compared to the simple plant. For example, unlike a tea, the therapeutic effect of extract-based capsules is greatly increased as nothing is lost from the healing potential of the plants. In addition, our formulas have the optimal dose and a balanced content of essential active substances. We know that health is priceless and that each of us must have a chance at a better life. That is why we make constant efforts to make our products accessible to everyone. With the help of this site we want to be able to help you find the most suitable natural solution for your health. In its pages you will find high-performance products that cover a wide range of ailments. 

All Revital Saenciuc products are certified by SNMAPS (National Service for Medicinal Plants, Aromatic and Hive Products) and are produced in the ISO 9001 quality management system, in the ISO 22000 / HACCP product safety management system and in the management system. of the environment, ISO 14001.